Trello Alternatives

What is Trello?

Trello is an easy-to-use project management and team collaboration tool. The critical aspect that sets Trello apart from competitors is its Kanban board feature.


What is Trello used for?

Trello is used for managing projects, tasks, and collaboration with other team members. Traditional project management software uses complex techniques like tracking Gantt charts. But with Trello project management software, you use simple boards to represent your project and manage tasks using lists and card features. Visually, Trello offers a board with sticky notes where tasks are organized into columns and moved around to indicate workflow, project ownership, and status. Due to its simplicity, most people can grasp the basics within minutes and start using it within a day. Even so, Trello is powerful, and its tasks can contain a lot of information like images, deadlines, status tracking data, and more.

As Trello is a Kanban software, its board is designed on the same concept. It visually represents different projects in their various stages.


Trello alternatives

While Trello is popular among project managers, many options offer similar features—or more. See below to learn more about Trello alternatives.



Asana is quite similar to Trello, and its main focus is task management. Asana is a user-friendly tool that offers many integrations to enhance your workflow, including detailed project overviews, Gantt charts, list views, and Kanban boards. Asana also provides time tracking to facilitate PMs in managing their timelines. Like Trello, Asana comes packed with multiple features to help project managers and teams execute tasks, organize information, and improve workflow. Asana is a popular choice for small businesses due to its simplicity and collaboration features.


Microsoft products

Microsoft is a pioneer in project management software design. Although Microsoft has a lot of tools and offerings in the project management domain, when it comes to Trello alternatives, Microsoft offers two project management tools: Microsoft Planner and Microsoft Project for the Web.


Microsoft Planner (also known as MS Planner) supports project managers and teams to track, monitor, and collaborate on projects. It comes with Microsoft Office 365 suite and is available for all Office subscribers. The smooth integration of MS Planner with other MS Office 365 products makes it the perfect option for users and businesses already embedded in the Microsoft ecosystem. Microsoft Planner is a tool for SMB (small- and medium-sized businesses) to manage tasks. Microsoft Planner is a Microsoft Kanban-centered solution that facilitates PMs’ simple task management and team collaboration. It is included in all Office 365 business plans and seamlessly integrates with Microsoft products.


Trello Alternatives


Project for the Web is Microsoft’s latest offering for cloud-based working and is also part of the Microsoft project product family. With its work management capabilities, Project for the Web (also called Project) empowers project managers and relevant team members to plan and manage tasks of any level and size. It is built on Microsoft Power Platform and includes Project Online Desktop Client, Project Online, Project Server, and Project Desktop. It also contains Project Home, Roadmap, and web-based, offering an easy-to-use project management experience that is helpful for informal project managers. Microsoft Project for the Web is an advanced project management tool focusing on detailed timelines, task management, responsibilities, and other project management–related functionalities required to execute large-scale projects effectively. It offers essential project management in a task list grid, board view and timeline and sprint planning tools for agile development. The board view is perfect for users familiar with Trello Kanban boards.


Learn more by reading the article Microsoft Project for the Web Overview. is another popular alternative to Trello. It is also a Kanban software and provides multiple workload management options, such as organizing tasks into a Kanban board, list, map, or spreadsheet. offers an advanced reporting feature, helping users track project progress, analyze project statistics based on several key dimensions, and share them with other stakeholders. is a center for work—a place for brainstorming, visualizing, planning, tracking, and delivering the work that enables any program or project manager to work effectively. It is a collaborative project management platform. It is intuitive, easy to use, and attractive, offering enhanced task management and collaboration.



Trello is a well-recognized project management tool for task management and team collaboration made popular due to its simplicity and intuitive design. However, it’s best to have options when deciding on the right tool to meet the requirements of your team and management. The above article shows that nearly all the alternatives perform similarly, and decisions on the solution are based on a couple of differentiators or personal preferences. The above article will help you evaluate and choose wisely which product meets your specific requirements.


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