How to automate Smartsheet migration to Microsoft Planner

Smartsheet migration to Microsoft Planner

Smartsheet overview

Smartsheet is a top-tier project management tool that allows businesses to monitor and control their ongoing projects. It facilitates communication between team members, task delegation, monitoring, resource allocation, cost management, and project tracking for on-time completion. Smartsheet is an ideal project management tool for medium complexity projects. As businesses expand, they typically require more sophisticated solutions. Smartsheet alternatives may provide better functionality to suit their evolving needs.


Microsoft Planner overview

Microsoft Planner is an excellent Smartsheet alternative that serves as a high-level planning app rather than a legitimate project planning software. It is integrated with Office 365, and anyone subscribed to that product can use it for personal or professional planning. Microsoft Planner’s interface uses a Kanban board layout with task cards, which works well on smartphones and laptops. Collaboration, charts, comments, etc., are just a few of its other capabilities.


Smartsheet migration to Microsoft Planner

Online project management tools like Smartsheet and Planner have proven successful for different project implementation scenarios. Organizations deciding to switch a PPM system, for example, Smartsheet migration to Microsoft Planner, should consider proper planning and preparation.

Migrating from Smartsheet is no small feat. Some of the challenges include:


  • Prevalent data inconsistencies sometimes lead to the restructuring of data entirely.
  • Manual import and export of Smartsheet data is very time-consuming and can lead to significant issues due to human errors.
  • Unwanted changes in Project Structures after migration and incorrect assignment of tasks.
  • Long debugging and data correction time.
  • Requirement to possess specific skills and technical support.

To avoid these pitfalls and complete the process successfully, organizations need an automated Smartsheet migration solution.



FluentPro Project Migrator


Project Migrator, a cloud-based platform, is the best solution for automated, effective migration from Smartsheet to Microsoft Planner. Storing data in Microsoft Azure offers complete security.



Smartsheet migration to Microsoft Planner using Project Migrator

Project Migrator supports full and partial migrations, with custom data mapping to simplify the configuration process. You can get full automation and eliminate weeks of manual work. Migration using Project Migrator is very straightforward. To start the migration process, perform the following:


  • First, you must define and connect both systems as source and target. In this scenario, Smartsheet acts as a source system, whereas MS Planner is a target one.
  • Project Migrator allows migration of all data at once or only the selected set of projects from the source to the target system. After connecting Smartsheet and Office 365 Planner, choose the option that fits the requirement. If you select the ‘All’ choice, all data from Smartsheet will be migrated. If you click the “Selected” option, it will allow you to migrate only the data you choose from the list.
  • Next, define your object mapping. To do this, migration settings must be fixed. Afterward, plan and task field mapping will be completed where the source (Smartsheet) and target (MS Planner) fields will be mapped.
  • Lastly, you can launch the migration process by clicking on the “Proceed” button. This will initiate the migration process. Then you can review the migration information and progress in the migration summary window.


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Project Migrator easily handles all issues you may face during Smartsheet to Microsoft Planner migration. The migration is:


  • Completely automated
  • Performed with no data loss
  • Quick
  • Error-free

Project Migrator simplifies project data migration from various cloud platforms, including Smartsheet migration to Microsoft Planner. It can help you save a significant amount of time and work. Project Migrator also addresses data mapping and transformation and is a great tool that offers:


  • Reduction of data loss or any risks associated with manual work
  • Completion of migration using automation
  • Complete transfer of all project data
  • Support in reducing the time required for migration
  • Smartsheet migration can be run whenever necessary from Teams or the web.
  • Security, as all data is stored on Microsoft Azure.


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