How to perform Trello migration to Microsoft Planner in 4 simple steps

Trello to Microsoft Planner

Microsoft Planner, a high-level planning app, is part of Office 365. Its interface uses Kanban board-style task cards and has several valuable features, including collaborating, displaying data visually, and adding notes, among many others. Trello is a popular Microsoft Planner alternative used by companies to track and manage their projects, resources, and tasks.


Trello Migration Complexities

There is a lot of overlap between Trello and Microsoft Planner. These tools appear and perform pretty similarly. However, some companies switch from Trello to Microsoft Planner.

While data migration may seem easy, there are often challenges along the way, such as with a change in storage, application, or database. These difficulties will only increase if the necessary data migration method is not followed.

Some of the significant cloud migration challenges include:


  • Data redundancy & duplication
  • Source & Target system fields mapping and data transformation
  • Data loss risks
  • Long debugging
  • Much manual work
  • Complicated process

Although Trello provides export functionality, it doesn’t solve the abovementioned challenges. To migrate Trello Boards without these issues, you need an automated solution.


Trello migration


FluentPro Project Migrator

FluentPro Project Migrator is the best tool for automatic Trello migration to Microsoft Planner. Running on Microsoft Azure provides complete security for all your project data.

Project Migrator allows you to move data between Microsoft Planner Trello efficiently. It is uniquely designed to complete cloud migration in a few simple steps.


Trello Migration


Migrate Trello to Microsoft Planner

Even though Project Migrator makes migration very simple, you still need to complete the following steps for successful data transfer between project management platforms.


Step 1: Establishment of source and target system connection 

First, you must connect the Trello environment (which serves as the source) and the Microsoft Planner environment (which serves as the target). This connection creates a link between both systems, allowing both systems to exchange the required information at different stages of the migration.

Step 2: Source system selection

In such migrations, organizations can take control over data. Some organizations want to migrate all data, while others want to proceed with specific projects, tasks, etc. Project Migrator allows you to select what data needs to be relocated.

Step 3: Object mapping

Project Migrator provides a user-friendly data mapping interface at this stage. It allows you to inspect and edit the data transferred from Trello to Microsoft Planner. You can choose what information from the source goes to which fields in the target system.

Step 4: Commencement of the migration procedure

 Cloud data migration between project management platforms makes FluentPro Project Migrator much easier. This robust solution reduces data loss risks and human errors by providing process automation.


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By enabling quick automatic migration with no data loss or risk of errors, Project Migrator can address the most prevalent cloud data migration problems.

Additionally, Project Migrator helps create straightforward data mapping that is less complicated and enables you to take full advantage of Microsoft Planner.

Project Migrator adds even more value to the business


  • Complete migration automation
  • Lowers the cost of Trello migration
  • Assures that no project data or associated documents are lost in the data migration process
  • Flexibility so that project managers can move projects whenever they want from the web or MS Teams
  • High security due to cloud storage

Project Migrator automates project data migration from various cloud platforms to save project managers time and money. In addition, this ensures a higher return on project management migration efforts (ROI).


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