Migration to Microsoft New Planner: Benefits, Challenges, and Best Practices

Migration to Microsoft New Planner

The power of Microsoft Project for the web, the clarity of To Do, and the collaboration of Microsoft Planner are all present in the New Microsoft Planner. Users will enjoy a familiar interface with a clean and uncomplicated design, and working on tasks will be easier and faster than ever. The new Planner can be used to organize tasks in one place and manage work for individuals, with a team, and even with large-scale enterprise projects. Read on to learn why you should choose this system, best practices for migrating to New Planner Premium, and other insights.


Microsoft New Planner Premium Overview

Users can track and organize work in single and multi-user modes with many options. These include My Tasks, which allows you to view the assigned tasks, the Grid, List, Board plan view, My Day, and so on. Additional features include adding and updating tasks and plans.

This new project management platform will allow you to create individual Planner boards unrelated to any team. You can find information about the project’s task history, specific fields, goals, and objectives, the teams’ workload, and the agile sprints.

The migration to the Microsoft New Planner isn’t entirely a technical transformation but a strategic move that signifies a significant organizational shift. By doing this migration, organizations discover new opportunities, increase productivity, and encourage people to work collaboratively. This type of initiative must be carefully planned, fully understood, and carried out strategically to make sure that the migration to New Planner goes smoothly.

migration to microsoft new planner 

Challenges with Project Migration

IT administrators often choose manual New Planner migration, increasing complexities and risks:


  • It is time-consuming and increases the possibility of lengthy downtime, data loss, and delays.
  • Matching objects in the source tenant to the related fields in the target tenant is a lot of work.
  • Manual transfer is prone to errors and omissions. One wrong click can result in the loss of important data.
  • Proper data management is very difficult, and data security can be compromised
  • Also, the financial loss associated with project migration complexities is one of the major challenges businesses face.
  • Human mistakes can lead to unintentional removal or data deletion.
  • You must go through re-migration if you skip out on some tasks. This increases the level of unpredictability and may cause delays, resulting in additional losses.
  • These complexities can cause operational disruptions within the organization and lead to a delay in project delivery.

Organizations must adopt a reliable tool for such complex migration to New Planner. In this regard, FluentPro Project Migrator is the ultimate platform for automated migration from various PPM systems. It reduces the above-mentioned risks by automating and streamlining the process.


Planning a Successful New Planner Migration

Project Migrator is a cloud-based solution that enables quick and automated data migration between project management systems. This software supports not only partial or full migration but also custom data-mapping. Project Migrator enables the following New Planner migration scenarios:


With the help of Project Migrator, you can carry out the process of migration to New Planner automatically in a few steps:


STEP 1: Project Migrator lets you integrate the source and target platforms. You can also choose if you only need to migrate a few items to the New Planner or the data in bulk.

STEP 2: This tool’s user-friendly interface provides helpful object-mapping features. This makes it possible to map data from the source tenant to specific fields in the target tenant.

STEP 3: Project Migrator’s built-in functions automatically migrate to New Planner.

STEP 4: You can estimate successfully migrated project data in the migration summary window. If there are any issues, you can reach our support team for assistance.


Benefits of using Project Migrator

Project Migrator provides the following advantages for organizations:


  • Save Time: Microsoft New Planner migration is quicker than manual data transfer. It can save you time, and, as a result, there is no risk of delays.
  • Eliminate Errors: Project Migrator provides you the object mapping that guarantees 100% accuracy and eliminates the problem of human/manual mistakes and expensive re-migrations.
  • Increase ROI: This quick New Planner migration solves the problem of transition period, which ultimately minimizes the overall cost. It enables your company to make more profit.
  • Data Security: The Project Migrator is a cloud-based solution that runs on the safe Microsoft Azure and uses reliable data security features.

Organizations use Project Migrator to ensure their New Planner migration results are successful.


Migrate your data to New Planner today by signing up to Project Migrator