New Microsoft Planner Migration

Choose New Planner Migration Scenario:
Asana to New Microsoft Planner

Migrate tasks, projects, and other data from Asana to Microsoft Planner Premium automatically.

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Project Online to New Planner

Migrate all your Project Online tasks, projects, and other data to New Planner. Learn more.

sys_to_03 to New Planner

Automate migration to New Planner without errors.

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MS Planner to New Planner

Automate Planner migration to New Planner Premium and reduce errors. 

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New Microsoft Planner to a New Tenant

Complete New Planner migration to a new tenant automatically without any errors. 

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Trello to New Microsoft Planner

Automate migration of all Trello project data to New Planner effortlessly and without errors.

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Smartsheet to New Microsoft Planner

Migrate all Smartsheet data to New Microsoft Planner automatically without any errors.

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How it works

Switching your project management system? Perform migration to New Microsoft Planner quickly and effortlessly with Project Migrator’s robust migration wizard. 

We offer a fully automated solution that requires no technical skills.
You just need to configure field mapping and launch the migration process.

Fields mapping

Project Migrator offers an intuitive built-in data-mapping interface, allowing effortless management of data allocation to specific fields in New Planner. Users can conveniently exclude unnecessary fields if certain data is not required.

Robust user mapping

Project Migrator facilitates user mapping, enabling the migration of project records linked to their respective users into New Planner.

Start your migration

Launch your migration to New Planner and watch the progress and results in the migration summary screen.

Backup & Restore for New Planner

FluentPro Backup provides automated continuous backup and restore for New Microsoft Planner.


Reduce data loss risks with robust data protection solution.

Microsoft Project Online to New Planner migration

Ready to Upgrade Your Project Management Software?



Save 90% of the time spent on manual migration processes. Migrate in a day.


Project Migrator reduces manual work and human errors. 

Data Safety

Exceptional data security. All data is stored in the cloud. 

We are So Much Better than MPP Import!

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If you’re planning to migrate from one project management platform to another, Project Migrator is the solution you need. Contact us for a free assessment of your migration scenario and receive professional consultation on PPM implementation.

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