Create a data migration strategy for Dynamics 365 solutions

Dynamics 365 migration

Project managers and IT professionals have used project management software for decades to plan and coordinate work with teams. Unfortunately, outdated project management systems prevent organizations from achieving their objectives. Searching for a unified project management system is expected when two companies merge or are acquired by one another. Therefore, companies must switch between project management software.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations

Businesses choose Dynamics 365 Project Operations, which provides all the necessary project management capabilities, including project planning, resource management, integration with accounting, sales, delivery, reporting, etc. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations is a comprehensive and dynamic solution that helps organizations address different advanced-level project management challenges.

Growing businesses occasionally need to switch from their basic-level project management solution to another platform like Dynamics 365 Project Operations to manage and solve their expanding project management and service requirements. However, project migration is a challenging task.



Microsoft Dynamics 365 Migration

Organizations that choose Dynamics Project Operations want smooth migration from their current platform. Planning and preparation are critical if a company wants to start the Microsoft Dynamics data migration from its existing platform. Such migration concepts ought to consider the objectives a company would like to accomplish, both technically and commercially.


Businesses often find it difficult to switch from their current project management platform since there are many challenges that the project team must overcome, including:


  • Data inconsistencies, which sometimes lead to the restructuring of data completely
  • Manual import and export of data, which is time-consuming and carries the risk of manual error
  • Incorrect task assignment and changes to project structures after migration
  • Time-consuming data correction and troubleshooting

Organizations need an advanced solution to automate project migration to Dynamics Project Operations.


FluentPro Project Migrator

Project Migrator is a leading cloud-based solution automating migration between project management systems. You can quickly and effectively migrate data from your current project management platform to Dynamics 365 Project Operations in just a few clicks. The product is distinctive because all data is stored in the cloud without the need to save it on a desktop. It will assist you in the data transition, including tasks and projects, from any platform to Dynamics 365 Project Operations.


Project Migrator allows the following migration options:


FluentPro Project Migrator helps organizations automate data migration and reduce any risks related to human errors or data loss.



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Migration using Project Migrator

Migration using Project Migrator is straightforward.


  • To initiate the migration, you must first establish a connection between the source and target system.
  • After completing the first step, you must select the data that needs to be transferred/migrated from the source to the target system. In this regard, Project Migrator allows you to migrate all data in one go or choose the specific data that needs to be transferred. This feature enables the user to finalize and take only the required data as per the requirement.
  • The third step is critical and related to defining the mapping rules. In this step, the user must specify the object/field mapping between the source and target system. This step lets the user define the mapping rules on a field level. Here you can choose what data from the source system goes into which field of the target system. In this regard, Project Migrator provides a user-friendly interface enabling you to examine and map the data to be transferred from the source system to the Dynamics 365 Project Operations.

After performing the above steps, you can proceed with the migration procedure.



Project Migrator easily handles all the issues during data migration from any system to Dynamics 365 Project Operations. The migration is


  • Based upon Dynamics 365 data migration best practices
  • Completely automated and has no data loss
  • Much less time-consuming, in addition to error-free

Using Project Migrator also adds more value to the business by:


  • Reducing project migration time by 90% through complete automation.
  • Reducing the cost of migration by up to 90%.
  • Assuring that no project data or associated documents are lost in the data migration process.
  • Offering flexibility so that project managers can migrate whenever they want.
  • Offering exceptionally high security due to cloud computing

Project Migrator is a powerful data migration tool for Dynamics 365 that simplifies project data conversion from various cloud platforms, including migration to Dynamics 365 Project Operations. It helps you save a significant amount of time and work.


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