Trello Migration to Microsoft Office 365 Planner

Trello migration

Many organizations rely on specific software like Trello or Microsoft Planner when managing project portfolios. But as organizations are growing, their goals are also changing.

Besides, a shift in technology and focus changes mean organizations can no longer rely on outdated capabilities incompatible with current practices. Businesses must switch project management systems to accelerate portfolio performance, keep up with company growth, and satisfy stakeholders’ interests. To achieve this, organizations must migrate data from previous software to the new one.

Some organizations tend to use manual migration methods to move data between different platforms. They do this to avoid the additional cost of hiring the needed technical expertise for data migration. However, a manual migration method takes immense effort and time to complete. It hampers productivity and discourages client trust. In addition, manual data migration increases human errors that may critically damage the overall project portfolio performance.

As a result, many Project Managers and IT Specialists seek a third-party tool migrating data fast without errors and further expenses. The software that guarantees successful Trello to Microsoft Planner migration is Project Migrator.


Trello migration


Innovative Ways Project Migrator Eases the Trello to Microsoft Planner Migration

FluentPro Project Migrator is a cloud-based project management migration software. It automates moving data from Trello to Microsoft Planner and eliminates all possible human errors.

The cloud-based option of the Project Migrator adds an extra layer of security to the company’s data. It makes it a risk-free, reliable solution for moving projects, tasks, and other sensitive data from Trello to Microsoft Planner.

The Project Migrator guarantees precise data migration for project managers who wants to make sure they can identify the correct data to migrate. Organizations can select the exact amount and type of project, task, or other data to move.


How Project Migrator Makes Trello Migration Simple

Hundreds of organizations use Project Migrator to transfer data from Trello to Office 365 Planner. Its interface features a simple design enabling you to identify and focus on what you want to do.

IT specialists can use the ‘Source and Target’ feature to connect to Trello and Microsoft Planner or vice-versa. A company that doesn’t want to move all the data can quickly move their preferred one. A click on the ‘Source Data’ icon means you can select or deselect any data of your choice.

Before you migrate Trello to Microsoft Planner, you can decide which field from the source system goes to which field in the target system using the ‘Data Mapping’ feature. Once you’re confident that you’re on the right path, you can start the migration.

Another great feature of this technology is migrating custom fields of your choice between your target and source environments. For example, the User Mapping, the Card Field Mapping, and the Board Field Mapping features mean you have a wide-ranging configuration capability.

Lastly, you can tell whether your Trello to Planner Migration attempts was successful or not. Thanks to the ‘Data Migration Summary’ feature that shows the results.


Why Companies Use Project Migrator 

Project Migrator brings a number of values to organizations.


  • Project Migrator data mapping eliminates uncertainty about which data to transfer. It speeds up the configuration and helps with the timely completion of the migration project.
  • About 90% of time and cost saved on engaging extra technical expertise and manual migration.
  • The secured, cloud-based Project Migrator safeguards your data during migration.
  • It guarantees project managers and IT specialists complete flexibility. They can perform a project migration whenever necessary from Microsoft Teams.


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Use Migration Solutions Easily with FluentPro Support Team

Switching between project management software is not always easy. Project portfolio decisions can only be supported when project managers and IT specialists can access all project-related data history.

Manual migration is not an option. Trello to Microsoft Planner manual migration or using different proprietary APIs can cause technical errors, data corruption, and data loss.

That is why organizations need to choose automated migration software. At FluentPro, we have the correct support service to assist you with all the setup and training you need. Our team comprises the best tech-savvy and experienced IT experts that will answer all your questions. We have been doing this for close to two decades.


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