Comprehensive Guide for Trello Migration to Project for the Web

Project management software has been used for decades by project managers and IT professionals to organize and coordinate work with teams.

There are times when a project management system is no longer sufficient to achieve the objectives of growing companies and organizations. When organizations merge or acquire companies, they often need to consolidate project management systems.

Organizations rely on Trello as a top-notch project management solution to manage and monitor various projects and facilitate teamwork. As firms grow, they often require more complex project management tools. When Trello no longer provides sufficient functionality, organizations must seek a more robust system. Many companies turn to the more comprehensive capabilities of Microsoft Project for the Web, which is fully compatible with Office 365.


Challenges with Trello migration

Trello migration is complicated, and many organizations face numerous cloud migration challenges, such as those related to:


  • Data redundancy
  • Data transformation
  • Manual export and import
  • Increased time spent migrating and debugging
  • Human errors leading to data loss

Even with Trello Export, the abovementioned challenges remain. In such migrations, how to migrate Trello boards remains unanswered as there are limited available options.


Trello Migration to Project for the Web


FluentPro Project Migrator

As a project manager, you should not spend time on manual migrations and operational difficulties. To maximize productivity, you need a fully functional system with all necessary data in a short period. Fortunately, an automated solution can be used to migrate data from Trello to Microsoft Project: Project Migrator.

Project Migrator is a cloud migration solution that is one of the most efficient systems for performing automatic migrations from Trello to Microsoft Project for the Web. This cloud data transfer solution offers straightforward and effective migrations and reduces all manual work and damage related to human errors.


Trello migration using Project Migrator

With Project Migrator, migration can be completed in four easy steps.


Step 1: Build a link between the source Trello environment and the target Project for the Web environment.



Step 2: Select the source data. Project Migrator gives the option of selecting all data at once or only the required data.



Step 3: Object mapping: Project Migrator’s user-friendly data-mapping interface enables users to choose which data from the source system to which fields in the target system.



Step 4: Begin the migration procedure.



After Trello migration is complete, you can view the results in the summary window.

Project Migrator saves time and requires no additional technical skills. Discover how to perform Trello to Project for the Web migration effortlessly.



Project Migrator allows users to undertake quick, automated, and error-free project data migration. The unique data-mapping option ensures that all data goes to the correct corresponding fields in Microsoft Project for the Web.

Project Migrator automates the transition of project data from several cloud platforms, including migration to the Microsoft Project platform, saving project managers both time and money. It also ensures a higher return on project management migration investments (ROI).

Project Migrator is an excellent solution that offers users many additional benefits:


  • Reduced risk associated with human error or data loss.
  • Automatic migration eliminates the need for manual intervention.
  • Full or partial migration of all project data, including content, configuration, projects, and resources.
  • Time required for migration is reduced from weeks to days.
  • Exceptional security, as Project Migrator stores data on Microsoft Azure.

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