Top 5 Asana Alternatives

asana alternatives

As a project manager, you understand the complexities of managing multiple projects and portfolios. It would help if you had efficient collaboration tools to streamline workflow management. The ideal solution should help you stay on top of your projects. With Asana software, you’ll always know which teams are responsible for different tasks and the status. But Asana project management software has limitations. That’s why some organizations look for Asana Alternatives.


What is Asana?

Asana is a cloud-based task and workflow management solution. You can use Asana to organize and manage multiple projects at once. However, Asana has its limitations.


  • Asana is ideal for seasoned project managers but is not beginner-friendly.
  • Asana doesn’t allow PMs to assign more than one person to the same task.
  • On ongoing tasks, you cannot convert comments to assignments.
  • Asana’s free plan has limited features. It only allows up to 15 users per team.
  • With Asana, task statuses are limited to only Open or Closed.
  • Asana’s mobile app features, time tracking, and export-import functionalities are limited.


If these limitations influence your project management efficiency, you should consider Asana alternatives that would better fit your organization.


Consider alternatives

As a PM, you cannot invest in any solution before surveying the available options. Whether it’s usability, features, pricing, or workflow, all these elements determine project outcome. For example, you shouldn’t choose Asana if your projects require multiple people assigned per task. If you’re a beginner, Asana may not be the best task management tool for you. Analyzing top Asana competitors can help you find the perfect project portfolio management software for your team.


Top 5 Asana competitors

Project management requires proper planning, implementation, and monitoring. To get the best PPM solution, consider the top five Asana alternatives.


  1. nTask: This work management solution allows you to create, prioritize, and share tasks. With nTask, you can add multiple assignees per task. If you need robust Kanban project management functionalities, get nTask’s paid plan.
  2. ProofHub: With ProofHub, you can manage unlimited projects, assign tasks with due dates, define dependencies, set milestones, and track time. Unlike Asana, ProofHub allows you to choose notifications to be sent as emails. But ProofHub doesn’t have a budgeting feature.
  3. Microsoft Planner: This project portfolio management software offers customizable Kanban boards that simplify task assignments. Unlike Asana, Microsoft Planner allows you to assign multiple people per task. It also provides a robust mobile app with all the features of the desktop version. With Microsoft Planner, your team can collaborate using Teams and other productivity tools.


asana alternatives


  1. Mavenlink: If your projects require advanced analytics and business intelligence tools, choose Mavenlink. This Asana competitor simplifies document management, including invoice and expense reports. You can manage multiple tasks and track expenditure.
  2. Microsoft Project for the Web: It’s an easy-to-use project portfolio management solution helping manage projects efficiently. Built on Power Platform, the solution includes Project Home, Roadmap, Grid View, Board View, and more features. Learn more by reading the article Microsoft Project for the Web Overview.

Each Asana competitor has its benefits and drawbacks. Analyze pros and cons, then choose a project portfolio management software that meets your unique PPM needs.


Avoid project management complexities

Although Asana is a robust project management software, it includes numerous limitations. Without proper research on project management software, these restrictions can reduce productivity and increase costs and delays. As a PM, you should consider Asana competitors to avoid complexities and satisfy your organization’s project management needs.


Benefits of using the best project portfolio management software

Using the most suitable project portfolio management software offers several advantages for your organization.


Increased Efficiency: Using the right platform can streamline task management and eliminate complexities in your PPM lifecycles. So, you’ll spend more time working on your projects.

Improved Collaboration: Microsoft Planner and nTask allow you to assign multiple people per task, while Project for the Web enhances group discussions and knowledge sharing. These Asana alternatives can improve in-team and cross-team collaborations.

Cut Costs: A project portfolio management software like Mavenlink offers robust analytics, BI, and project accounting tools. It can reduce wastage and cut costs.

Lower Risks: Unlike Asana software, robust alternatives like Microsoft Planner provide time tracking and two-factor authentication. These features reduce risks, such as delays and hacking.


As a PM, you need a PPM solution that allows you to plan and manage your projects in a way that suits you best. Consider alternative options if the Asana project management platform doesn’t meet your needs. Analyze the features of Asana competitors to find the best project portfolio management software for your organization.


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