Why You Should Consider Asana Alternatives

Asana alternatives

Project management requires efficient tools for managing workflow, expenditure, time spent on tasks, and teams. If you use Asana project management software, consider switching to Asana Alternatives like Microsoft Planner. Why? This Microsoft project management software offers robust features for seamless collaboration, task assignment, scheduling, and more.


Why switch from Asana to alternative solutions?

Managing complex projects is daunting if you don’t have efficient PPM solutions. Each PM has a list of must-have features. Asana software is robust but doesn’t provide all mission-critical functionalities for specific organizations’ needs. It has some limitations:


  • Limited Task Assignments: Collaboration is crucial for success in project management—it’s all about pooling your teams’ skills to execute complex tasks. However, Asana only allows one person per task at a time.
  • No Time Tracking: As a PM, you cannot manage what you cannot track. Unfortunately, Asana software doesn’t include time tracking features. Without time tracking, it’s difficult to manage projects and efficiently assign tasks.
  • Task Status: As a PM, you need detailed information on ongoing tasks. How many are pending or under review? With Asana software, you can only define your tasks as Open or Closed. Asana’s limited task status options impede efficient monitoring, increasing the risk of delays.
  • Not Beginner-Friendly: The last thing you need as a PM is a solution with a steep learning curve. While Asana is usable, it is not beginner-friendly. You’ll need some experience to leverage Asana features and functionalities.
  • Comments: Team members’ insights are crucial for efficient project management. While Asana allows teams to comment on ongoing tasks, you can’t convert the comments to task assignments. So, some messages will go unnoticed or be disregarded.
  • Limited Mobile App Features: PMs need robust mobile apps to manage their projects anywhere, anytime. However, Asana’s mobile app has limited features.


Robust Asana alternatives like Microsoft Planner offer these functionalities and more. Switching to this feature-rich Asana competitor can streamline your project management.


Look for more opportunities

If Asana features are limited for your specific project management needs, you should think of switching to an alternative. Efficient task assignments, time tracking, and mobile apps are vital for successful project completion. Consider Microsoft Planner for more efficient project management.


How to decide which Asana alternatives to adopt

There are plenty of solutions similar to Asana project management software. When choosing Asana alternatives, focus on the features and ease of use. Microsoft Planner stands out from the crowd, thanks to its robust functionality and flexibility. This Microsoft project management software:


  • Allows multiple assignees per task and provides robust features for planning and tracking your projects and tasks.
  • Unlike Asana, Microsoft Planner mobile app includes all the functions of the desktop version.
  • Microsoft Planner’s customizable Kanban boards include simple task management with drag and drop, offering the beginner-friendly Kanban project management solution.
  • With Microsoft Planner, you can take a screenshot of comments and attach them to a task. This feature eliminates the risk of overlooking mission-critical messages.
  • Microsoft Planner integrates with other Microsoft products, such as Office 365 and Teams. These solutions will help your team collaborate on different tasks more efficiently


As a PM, you can switch from Asana to Microsoft Planner to improve your PPM lifecycles.


Asana alternatives


Avoid inefficiencies and delays

Project managers face numerous challenges nowadays. As a PM, you need efficient solutions to manage remote teams and beat tight deadlines. Asana limitations can undermine workflow management from anywhere, at any time. If you’re a beginner, Asana’s steep learning curve can increase inefficiencies and complexities. Asana doesn’t allow for multiple assignees per task. So, your team can’t collaborate on tasks, increasing the risk of delays. To avoid inefficiencies and delays, switch to Microsoft Planner.


Benefits of choosing Microsoft Planner

Switching to Microsoft project management software offers several benefits for your organization.


  • Simplified Workflow: Microsoft Planner simplifies task assignment and project workflow with customizable Kanban boards and feature-rich mobile apps. You can manage your projects anywhere, anytime.
  • Enhance Collaboration: With Microsoft Planner, you can assign several people to a task. It also integrates with Microsoft tools that enhance communication and collaboration.
  • Boost Productivity: Microsoft project management software can eliminate inefficiencies and boost your team’s productivity.
  • Avoid Delays: Microsoft Planner provides tracking and reporting features. It can help you stay on top of your projects and avoid delays.


As a PM, you need a solution that allows you to plan and manage your projects in a way that suits you best. Consider Asana competitors by comparing their features to your organization’s specific requirements. Switch to Microsoft Planner to access extended features for efficient project management.


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