Migrate Asana to Microsoft Planner in 4 Simple Steps

migrate asana

Project managers using Asana project management software often face multiple limitations. If Asana doesn’t meet your organization’s PPM needs, consider migrating to Microsoft Planner. So, how do you execute an Asana to Microsoft Planner migration?


Why is Asana to Microsoft Planner migration frustrating?

While migrating to a robust Asana competitor such as Microsoft Planner can reduce PPM complexities, Asana migration is frustrating for many PMs. Why? Well, most PMs choose manual data migration, which creates new challenges.


  • With manual data migration, you can spend days or weeks moving your projects from Asana to Microsoft Planner.
  • Manual Asana migration complicates the data-mapping process and increases the risk of errors.
  • Without efficient migration solutions, PMs cannot implement data migration best practices and guarantee data security.

Your organization relies on you as a PM to improve revenue generation: transferring project data from Asana to Microsoft Planner should not waste your time. To streamline your data migration process, you need robust software that automates Asana migration.


Challenges should not impede your success

Performing Asana to Microsoft Planner migration often introduces many complexities. The main challenge is mapping data from Asana to target fields in Office 365 Planner environment. This calls for a user-friendly solution that simplifies data mapping. Automated migration software can help you leverage Asana vs. Microsoft Planner benefits more efficiently.


Easily migrate from Asana to Microsoft Planner

As a PM, you can use FluentPro Project Migrator to automate your data migration process. This cloud-based platform automates project data migration from Asana to Microsoft Planner. With Project Migrator, you can complete Asana migration in four simple steps.


Step 1: Connect your source and target systems. Providing your credentials, log in to Asana and Microsoft Planner platforms.

Step 2: Decide what data to migrate. Select data in Asana software to implement full or partial migration to Microsoft Planner.

Step 3: Perform object, cards, and user mapping to determine the Asana data to migrate to the Office 365 Planner environment.

Step 4: Review inputted information on Migration Summary to ensure accuracy. Then, launch your data migration process in one click.


Project Migrator’s robust features efficiently automate Asana to Microsoft Planner migration. It provides custom data mapping and supports full and partial migrations, saving you weeks of manual work.

Project Migrator simplifies the data migration plan into four steps, helping you easily migrate workspaces, boards, and entire projects from Asana to Microsoft Planner.


Migrate Asana


Avoid data migration complexities and errors

As a PM, you understand the challenges of using ineffective project management solutions. Avoid Asana limitations by migrating to Microsoft Planner. Manual data migration is time-consuming and prone to errors. To avoid complexities and delays, use Project Migrator to automate your data migration process.


Benefits of automating Asana migration with Project Migrator

Using Project Migrator to migrate from Asana to Microsoft Planner offers several benefits for your organization.


Hassle-Free Migration: Project Migrator is a fully automated, easy-to-use migration solution. It eliminates complexities and simplifies your data migration plan.

Save Time: Project Migrator automation eliminates manual work and repetitive tasks. Using this solution for Asana migration will save you days or weeks.

Avoid Errors: Project Migrator guarantees 100% accuracy. You can rely on custom data-mapping tools to avoid errors and omissions.

Data Security: With Project Migrator, your data is stored on the secure Microsoft Azure.

Flexibility: Asana migration to Microsoft Planner can be performed anytime from Microsoft Teams.


Data migration complexities should not discourage project managers from migrating to Microsoft Planner. Use Project Migrator to automate Asana migration.


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