Microsoft Project for the Web Overview

Common project management challenges

Project managers (PM) face numerous challenges. Complex projects involve in-office and remote teams. So, it can be difficult to convey mission-critical points and ideas to a team that is widely dispersed. Without efficient communication, your team members will not know what they need to do. It makes it more difficult to achieve strategic goals.

The scope is another challenge faced by project managers. Poor scope management increases the risk of missed deadlines due to time wasted on unnecessary or irrelevant tasks. To satisfy stakeholders’ needs, you must define the project’s goals and align all activities to the scope.

Complex projects involve many competing inputs. This complicates the budgeting process which in turn can increase the overall cost of the project. Accountability is also a challenge for PMs working with several teams. You need efficient project management software to track, monitor tasks, and ensure each team member is accountable for their individual workload.


We all seek to adapt and thrive

If you’re frustrated by the complexities of modern projects, you are not alone. Project management affects all PMs, whether they’re beginners or veterans, and the only difference between success and failure is how you adapt to the new normal. To manage complex projects, you need an all-in-one project portfolio management (PPM) software with advanced features.


Solution: Microsoft Project for the Web

Microsoft Project for the Web is an easy-to-use, web-based project portfolio management software that helps you manage complex projects more efficiently. It’s best to first learn how to use Microsoft Project, which allows you to plan and manage projects using grid view, board view, and timeline view. Use the Project Home feature for a bird’s-eye view of projects, and the Roadmap feature to create interactive roadmaps across all projects.

MS Project for the Web is built on the Power Platform, giving you access to Power Apps, Power BI, Microsoft Power Automate, and more. Use out-of-box reporting or pre-built Power BI reports to understand your data. And with Power Apps, your software development team can build custom mobile apps. This Microsoft project management software integrates with Microsoft 365, meaning your team members can collaborate using Microsoft Teams. Project for the Web is not a pre-built PPM solution but can be easily customized to your PPM requirements.


Project for the Web interface


Microsoft Planner and MS Project are ideal for teams collaborating on tasks. If you’re using both PPM systems, learn more about possible challenges and solutions in the article, What Are the Key Project Planning Challenges?


Microsoft Project for the Web


Eliminate project management lifecycle complexities

Modern projects are complex, with so many things to track, monitor, execute, and control. They involve dispersed remote teams, tech and non-tech initiatives, and tons of data scattered across the business ecosystem. To stay organized and effective, you need project portfolio management software that allows you to manage all initiatives, tasks, and teams in a single platform. Microsoft Project for the Web software helps you manage complex projects more efficiently.


Key benefits of Microsoft Project for the Web

Using MS Project for project management offers several benefits to your organization.

  • MS Project for the Web is a cost-effective, all-in-one project portfolio management software. It allows you to manage all tasks and initiatives on a single platform.
  • This project management software provides scheduling tools, helping you reduce clashing task schedules and deadlines.
  • Project for the Web includes advanced tracking, monitoring, and reporting features. They can help you streamline your project management lifecycles and ensure the successful completion of projects.
  • Microsoft project management software gives you access to collaboration tools. Your remote teams can collaborate using Microsoft Teams, increasing their productivity.
  • Project for the Web is a future-proof solution customizable to your unique PPM needs. You don’t have to worry about outgrowing your PPM system any time soon.

MS Project offers limitless potential. As a project manager, adopting Project for the Web can help you address and eliminate project management complexities.


If you’re still thinking of why and how you can move to Project for the Web, read our article 5 Reasons to migrate to Microsoft Project for the Web.