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Applications and software that help plan tasks, list-making, and collaboration are essential to effective project management. Gone are the days when most of the planning is done manually or in Excel. Now, digital project management apps support scheduling, and task and project management, simplifying a project manager’s workflow. and Microsoft Planner are popular project management platforms. Both are easy to use, with high user ratings, excellent customer service, good value for money, and unbeatable functionalities. They are both suitable for project and task management. This article provides a detailed comparison of the two products.


What is

Project management software has a very high rating compared to its competitors and is popular among project managers. is a center for work—a place for brainstorming, visualizing, planning, and tracking. It can also be classified as a collaborative project management platform. It is intuitive, easy to use, and attractive, offering enhanced task management and collaboration.


Monday com vs Microsoft Planner


How to use is based on the concept of creating or declaring boards. A board is a place to organize your items, such as projects, to-do lists, CRM, and schedules. With multiple board types, mainboards create transparency within the company, as they can be seen and used by all account users. You can use pre-defined templates or create customized ones to address your specific needs. After that, you can create groups. A board is made up of groups. If you define groups, it becomes a color-coded section onboard containing all the relevant tasks. A group can be, for example, a week, month, or specific project step. After completion of boards and group, you declare the new items. They can be an individual row in a group representing anything from tasks to projects. Then it’s time to start adding columns. Columns are a way to describe data relating to declared/created items. You can assign tasks, discuss them, and change their status according to progress.


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What is Microsoft Planner?

Microsoft Planner (also known as Microsoft 365 Planner) is a project management tool that provides the functionalities to track, monitor, and collaborate on projects. It comes with Microsoft Office 365 suite and is available to all Microsoft 365 subscribers. The smooth integration of MS Planner with other MS Office 365 products makes it the perfect option for users and businesses already embedded in the Microsoft ecosystem.


How to use MS Planner

Microsoft Planner uses color-coded cards and boards to organize the working process. It also offers the functionalities of attachments and collaboration. Microsoft Planner is a platform that is mainly designed so project managers can work effectively and enhance collaboration. It also provides flexibility for the user, as they can set due dates, manage visual dashboards, and receive email notifications. Microsoft Planner Kanban board is the methodology used for simple task management. It enables relevant project team members to work together on that board and update progress on tasks. In short, it facilitates teamwork. In addition to the above functions, here are several more of its essential features.


  • Users can assign tasks, share files, or collaborate through chat to execute a project or plan.
  • MS Planner comes with significant filtering capabilities, similar to SharePoint lists.
  • To create charts for the team’s various assigned tasks, there is out-of-the-box functionality.


Features Microsoft Planner
Web-Based Architecture
Mobile Apps X
Authentication Mechanism Password
Microsoft sign-on
Google sign-on
Notifications Email Desktop push
Gantt Charts X
Discussion Forum In Office 365 Groups
Document Sharing In Office 365 Groups
Multiple Language Support X
Agile Project Management Tools
IT Project Management
Project Management
Task Management
Gantt Chart X
Internal Communications
IT Management X
Lead Management X
Operations Management X
Product Roadmap X
Project Management
Project Portfolio Management X X
Remote Work
Resource Management X
Timeline X
Work Management
Workflow Management X



Microsoft Planner and are two of the best tools for project management and collaboration. They are beneficial and provide collaboration features for virtual teamwork. Like other project management products, both tools enable project managers to achieve greater efficiency, create reports, manage projects and tasks, and enable collaboration and discussions. They also provide the feature of workflow management. A suitable product can be selected after comparing the platforms using the above comparison.


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