Simple steps for migration to Microsoft Planner migration to Microsoft Planner

Why switching to Microsoft Planner is frustrating for Project Managers and IT Specialists

Nowadays, organizations tend to use multiple project management systems covering all their needs and business goals. Shifts in technology, focus changes influence organizations’ workflow and they decide to move all project information to one system only. An acquisition can also influence significantly. For example, the company is using project management software. But it is acquired by another organization that is using Microsoft Planner. The acquired company needs to transfer all their project data and perform migration to Microsoft Planner now.

What’s next? Project Managers and IT Specialists can choose manual to Microsoft Planner migration. But why is it not a good option? Manual migration comes with several technical challenges.

  • It is complex and time-consuming.
  • Manual migration increases the risk of data loss, corruption, and other damages related to human errors.
  • Project Managers require additional technical assistance to implement manual migrations. It increases expenses of the organization.
  • Using custom scripts or APIs cause more challenges, as this process is complicated.

To reduce costs and eliminate technical challenges, PMs and IT specialists need automated migration tools.


How to migrate data with Project Migrator

Whether you’re frustrated by additional costs, data loss, or technical challenges, Project Migrator can eliminate complexities and streamline your migration. It automates and eases Monday to Planner migration. So, how do you migrate data?

Project Migrator simplifies the migration process step by step.

  • Connect and Microsoft Planner.
  • Select all your data or only a few items you want to migrate.
  • Use robust mapping options to match source data with target fields.
  • Automated migration can be successfully launched now.

With this automated migration tool, you won’t have to worry about data loss and corrupted files. It runs everything on the secured Microsoft Azure for safe and efficient cloud-based migration. Instead of wasting time on manual project data migration, use Project Migrator.


What is Project Migrator?

FluentPro Project Migrator is a cloud-based project data migration software that automates data transfer between the most popular project management systems. It is easy to use, fully automated, and about 90% faster than manual migration. This to Microsoft Planner migration tool comes with robust features designed to simplify data selection, object mapping, and more.

Project Migrator’s features simplify the migration process step by step. Its Object Mapping feature allows you to match data with specific fields. For example, you can use Item Field Mapping to ensure each project or task migrated from goes to the corresponding field in Office 365 Planner. With Project Migrator, you just select your data and press ‘launch’ to perform the migration. Automating Monday to Planner migration can save you about 90% of the time.


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The Benefits of using Project Migrator for Monday to Planner migration

Using Project Migrator to migrate from to an alternative like Microsoft Planner brings numerous benefits:

  • With Project Migrator’s automation, PMs can migrate their projects 90% faster and more accurately than manual data transfer and save time. Focus on mission-critical PPM tasks and leave your migration to automation.
  • As a PM, you can leverage Project Migrator to automate your project migration. It will shorten the transition period, reduce the overall cost, and increase your ROI.
  • Project Migrator’s robust mapping features reduce the risk of errors and data loss. These features also eliminate repetitive tasks saving you more time.
  • Project Migrator runs on the secured Microsoft Azure, which guarantees data safety.
  • This product is flexible to use. You can launch the migration whenever needed from Microsoft Teams.

Call FluentPro to help with your migration to Microsoft Planner

The decision to move all data from to Microsoft Planner automatically brings multiple benefits, particularly for fast-growing organizations. Our migration team at FluentPro can take care of all the technical complexities in your migration. We can help you leverage Project Migrator to automate to Office 365 Planner migration.

At FluentPro, we are experts in Project Portfolio Management – we completed over 500 migrations. Our team will guide you through the entire migration process step by step. You can also rely on our expertise to streamline Microsoft Planner migration or leverage alternatives. Сall the FluentPro team today.


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