Microsoft Planner Migration to

Microsoft Planner Migration

Why Project Managers find Planner Migration so Frustrating


These days companies cannot use one project management system forever. Businesses are growing, they establish new goals, they handle more projects, and face the challenge of managing them. Also, some project management systems offer limited features and outdated technologies.

All these reasons lead to one decision — change project management system. Now project managers and IT specialists need to migrate all project data between systems. To avoid any damages, they tend to choose external migration tools. One of these migration tools is the FluentPro Project Migrator.


How Project Migrator Simplifies Migration from Microsoft Planner


Migration is a time-consuming process that influences business significantly.

  • It may cause data loss and document damages.
  • Taking much time and effort, migration can stall projects.
  • The process requires proprietary API usage, which is complicated to handle.
  • It can also cause many financial expenses on technical experts who can migrate between project management systems.

FluentPro Project Migrator automates project migration from Microsoft Planner to the software platform. Your migration runs on Microsoft Azure – all your data is safe in the cloud. Project managers and IT specialists also can run the migration whenever they need it from the web or Microsoft Teams.

Eliminating the complexities in Office 365 Planner migration to enterprises don’t need to use manual migration anymore and can forget about any data damage. Project Migrator enables you to migrate projects from Microsoft Planner to easily for your team to collaborate securely and efficiently.


Advanced Migration Settings


FluentPro Project Migrator is the only software that automates Planner migration. This tool can save you days compared to manual data migration or writing custom scripts. To migrate your data from Planner to, connect to the source and target systems using robust features and tools on the Project Migrator home page. You can also choose all data or just a part for Planner to migration.

Project Migrator’s Mapping feature comes with several options – Plan Field and Task Field Mapping. These tools allow you to match your projects and tasks on Microsoft Planner with corresponding fields on It eliminates the need to migrate each project manually and reduces the risk of errors. You can also use Project Migrator’s User Mapping feature to map users from Planner and Then, you just need to launch the migration process. Automated Office 365 Planner migrator can save you days.


The Benefits of Automating Planner Migration using Project Migrator


At FluentPro, we can help enterprises to automate migration from Microsoft Planner. Our expert team has already completed thousands of migrations. Hundreds of organizations trust FluentPro products to solve their specific PPM needs.

Using Project Migrator, organizations get numerous benefits:

  • PMs can leverage Project Migrator to automate their project migration and save weeks. Focus on project management and leave your Planner to migration to us.
  • Instead of wasting valuable time on manual data transfer, use Project Migrator to execute full or partial project migrations.
  • It is also 80% faster than manual data transfer. Your team will have more time to work on the project and deliver quickly to increase your organization’s competitive advantage.
  • Project Migrator can also increase your software ROI. It shortens the transition period and reduces the overall cost of project management migrations.
  • With FluentPro Project Migrator, you can migrate and deploy projects quickly and allow your organization to start reaping from its investment within a short period.
  • Automating Planner to migration using Project Migrator guarantees data safety.


Call FluentPro Team to Automate Your Project Migration


Microsoft Planner vs., which platform is better? There isn’t an answer. Each enterprise chooses the one covering its specific needs and helping teams collaborate more efficiently. The only challenge is migrating data from one project management platform to the other. Project Migrator can address this challenge.

You can rely on the expertise of the FluentPro team to perform your Planner to migration if needed. Our team can walk you through the migration process to ensure success. To execute MS Planner migration and meet your company’s business needs, look no further than the FluentPro Team. You don’t have to settle for tedious manual data transfer when you can automate your Planner to migration.


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