Data Migration Consulting
for Project Management

With more than 10 years of experience in PPM implementation and migration, our team is happy to consult with you and help you address your business needs as you migrate to a different project management platform. Expert migration-as-a-service by the FluentPro team guarantees the fastest and most secure data transfer.

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Our data migration consulting services are based on the following principles:

Solid Background

We’ve developed in-depth knowledge of PPM migration best practices that will most effectively meet your needs.

Trusted Experts

Our industry professionals—consultants with 10+ years of experience—will deliver your migration-as-a-service.

Connect to Data

We will make sure that all the necessary data is transferred to the target system and is fully usable by your team.

Establish Data Flow

We leverage our proprietary technologies to ensure that the migration process is fast, safe, and efficient.

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Services We Provide


We offer a professional assessment of your migration scenario and business needs in order to maximize the value you get from Project Migrator.


Our professional team is ready to perform the entire migration process for you, so you won’t need any on-site technical staff to handle the project.


If you decide to perform the migration by yourself, we are happy to offer hourly consulting and support to make sure everything goes smoothly.