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Project managers in every organization take pride in managing and budgeting resources and how effectively their team collaborates. They orchestrate these tasks with the aid of project management software such as is a workflow operating system that assists project teams in handling multiple complex projects at once. While is sufficient in many ways, some PMO directors are seeking alternative project management systems with better features and functionality. project management options

With an appealing interface, project management software has served many organizations for years. It offers simple ways to visualize your projects, such as timeline, calendar, Kanban, etc. However, like most available project management software, there is room for improvement, especially when handling technical project workloads.

Many organizations that use now realize that operations could be improved through enhanced features that better support their workflow. For instance, the task dependencies supported by are limited to simply dates associated with tasks. The task manager doesn’t support Gantt charts and timeline views for entry-level plans, forcing small companies that can’t afford the premium plans to look elsewhere. The free trial has limited support, and personalized onboarding leaves clients yearning for more value. A lack of a time-tracking feature means organizations on the free trial or entry-level plan have to integrate third-party tools to time-track their projects.

Companies that can’t afford top-tiered plans must look for more considerate alternatives that guarantee team productivity and optimum user satisfaction at a minimal cost.


Caught in shortfalls? is perfect for simple project management. But for many organizations, its capabilities are lacking. For extended options and more efficient project portfolio management, you should consider alternatives like Microsoft Planner and others.


Meet your project management needs with these alternatives

One of Monday alternatives is Microsoft Planner. This project management software offers the opportunity to view your current task, emails, and to-do list while guaranteeing time-tracking. In addition, Office 365 Planner allows you to share documents more efficiently, enhance team focus, and scale and drive efficient team performance through effective collaboration. Alternatives


Workzone comes next, with extended functionality that guarantees project management success. Workzone lets users view all projects/tasks in one glance on the Project dashboard. Workzone offers extensive training and a superior onboarding process, as well as robust functionality. You can import Excel and Microsoft project files, upload and store files up to 1 GB, and track document changes using versioning.


FreedCamp is another alternative. It’s designed to assist organizations and teams in getting enviable access to robust project management features—all for free or at a minimal cost. Users from various industries can access and use Freedcamp for free. Its advanced features are also accessible to nonprofit organizations, making it even more attractive. While it lags behind Workzone and Microsoft Planner, it outperforms in advanced and no-cost available features.


Act quickly

Change is constant, and organizations evolve with new trends for better performance. Those that refuse to adapt experience poor ROI. You risk losing out to competitors if you fail to set up the right project management system.


Benefits of enhancing your project management capabilities

Adopting effective project management alternatives such as Microsoft Planner offers greater efficiency and value for money. Other benefits for your organization include:


  • Improved communication between teams for efficient collaboration.
  • Easy end-to-end resource sharing and project management input.
  • Better project planning and scheduling guaranteeing time task completion.
  • Ability to view all project tasks and activities in one place.
  • High productive capacity ensures a high return on investment.


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