Migrate Trello to Microsoft Planner

Migrate Trello to Microsoft Planner

Project managers and IT specialists face great uncertainty regarding project management software migration. At best, it’s a puzzle, and at worse, it’s a full-on enigma. Even experienced project managers and IT specialists aren’t sure about moving from one project management software to another, like migrate Trello to Planner.


However, organizations can no longer count on using the same project management platforms for years. The shifts in technology, outdated capabilities, focus changes, company growth, and other grounds create the demand for data migration. Therefore, companies often need to migrate projects between different platforms.

How FluentPro Project Migrator Simplifies Trello Planner Migration 

FluentPro Project Migrator is a cloud platform for automated project data migration that makes it simple and quick. This solution uses a risk-free approach that requires no technical skill, enabling project managers to quickly identify essential data to migrate from Trello project management software to Microsoft Planner. The simplicity eliminates uncertainty about how to assign and track tasks using its built-in data mapping interface.


The mapping technology eliminates uncertainties surrounding Microsoft Planner Trello switch by enabling users to customize the Planner field to receive specific data from the source system.


The migration process is automated, quickening the data transfer and saving time — a process that could have cost weeks if done manually. Once system administrators decide which data to migrate, a simple click on the “start” button sets the migration in motion. With custom data mapping supporting your configuration choice, you can move few projects or entire portfolios during a full or partial Trello migration to using Microsoft Planner. This feature eases users’ stress, especially during financial budgeting and time-tracking.

Unbeatable functionality of the FluentPro Project Migrator Software

Many businesses use Project Migrator to relocate important data from Trello software to Planner to migrate important project data.


The migrator features a ‘Source and Target’ connection interface for creating a connection between Trello software and the target Planner environment. With the ‘Source Data’ feature, you can select all or only the data you need to migrate. The ‘Object Mapping’ feature offers an intuitive, built-in data mapping interface for reviewing what type of data will leave Trello to Planner. Once this is verified, you can launch the migration process.


Project Migrator also provides three types of mapping, namely: Board Field Mapping, Card Field Mapping, and User Mapping for customized data migration needs. A Data ‘Migration Summary’ window displays information regarding the migrated boards and groups.


Data Migration Easier with FluentPro Technical Expertise Service

Changing project management software is challenging for companies. Project managers and IT specialists need full access to all in-flight projects and historical project information to support portfolio decisions.


Manual or custom project migration is not an option for many organizations:

  • It takes significant time.
  • High chances of data corruption and data loss.
  • It is a complicated task to migrate projects between different project management platforms via different proprietary APIs.
  • Migration requires an exceptional technical background, requires talented team members to focus on migration instead of creating value.

At FluentPro, our technical team will assist you in answering all the questions you may have. We have been in the project management software industry for years, and we know what works and what doesn’t.


Get Real Value for your Business by Using Project Migrator to Migrate Trello to Planner

FluentPro Project Migrator adds more value to your business.

  • Project Migrator saves 90% of the time spent on project migrations with the full automation of the process.
  • Reduces the migration cost by up to 90%.
  • Eliminates all the risks related to data migration – loss of the project data and related documents.
  • Offers absolute flexibility – Project Managers and IT specialists can perform migration when necessary, from the web or from Microsoft Teams.
  • Provides high security – Project Migrator runs in the cloud (Microsoft Azure), with no data downloaded to any desktop computers.

Project Migrator benefits are enormous regarding Microsoft Planner vs Trello migration.


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