Microsoft Planner Migration: Migrating from to Microsoft Planner migration

Why Microsoft Planner Migration is Frustrating for Project Managers and IT Specialists

Organizations are constantly scaling up, expanding through acquisitions, their needs are also increasing. It leads to the need to change project management systems. Working in, organizations don’t have enough capabilities anymore or they’re outdated, that’s why they decide to switch to Microsoft Planner.

There are several options for migration and manual is one of them.


  • Manual to Microsoft Planner migration is time-intensive and expensive for Project Managers and IT Specialists.
  • It also increases the risk of data loss, data corruption, and other errors.
  • PMs also require technical assistance from engineers to ensure their migration is successful. But most organizations will turn down Project Managers’ requests to hire more specialists to avoid additional expenses and keep the cost as low as possible.
  • Using scripts or proprietary APIs is complicated and risky.

To eliminate these challenges, Project Managers need efficient tools that automate to Planner migration.


How Project Migrator Streamlines to Office 365 Planner Migration

FluentPro Project Migrator is the only software for migration that automates data transfer from to Microsoft Planner. This cloud-based platform simplifies project data migration between the two PPM systems.

It provides full and partial migrations of projects and offers easy-to-use features. With Project Migrator, you don’t need to engage additional IT engineers. You can automate to Microsoft Planner migration without any additional technical assistance.

Project Migrator flow is very simple:


  • Connect Microsoft Planner and
  • Select what data you need to migrate
  • Execute object mapping
  • Launch the migration

It is 100% accurate and 80% faster than manual data migration or writing custom scripts. to Microsoft Planner migration


What is FluentPro’s Project Migrator?

FluentPro Project Migrator is a cloud-based software migration solution that enables seamless data transfer between project management systems. Whether you are a Project Manager or IT specialist, you can rely on this tool to automate to Office 365 Planner migration.

It comes with configurable data mapping that allows you to streamline your configuration and run the migration process quickly and efficiently.

Project Migrator comes with a robust Object Mapping feature and user-friendly data mapping interface. This feature supports Board Field and Item Field mapping that allows you to match data from with specific fields in Microsoft Planner. You can use this tool to ensure Group names correspond to Bucket names and map items from and Microsoft Planner. Project Migrator will alert you if any of the users is unmapped, eliminating the risk of errors.

Project Migrator eliminates technical challenges and shortens your migration.


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The Benefits of Automating Office 365 Planner Migration using Project Migrator

Automating to Microsoft Planner migration, Project Migrator offers several benefits for your organization.


  • Saves Time. Efficient processes can increase your organization’s competitive advantage. to Microsoft Planner migration with Project Migrator is 90% faster than manual data transfer. It can save you time and allow your team to focus on mission-critical tasks and deliver projects quickly.
  • Eliminates Errors. The competition is always a few steps behind. You can’t afford to spend time on reworks and corrections. Project Migrator’s object, board, and item mapping will eliminate errors and ensure 100% accuracy.
  • Increases ROI. The quicker you migrate projects, the higher the returns. Project Migrator shortens the transition period, reduces the overall cost, and increases ROI.
  • Data Security. Project Migrator offers complete security to all your data. It is a cloud-based solution that runs on the secure Microsoft Azure. Your data is fully protected in transit and never stored on any servers. to Microsoft Planner migration


Call FluentPro Team to get fast and easy to Microsoft Planner migration

At FluentPro, we understand the dilemma in choosing Microsoft Planner vs. Each project management platform comes with its own benefits. If you need to leverage the functionality of Office 365 Planner, our team can help you craft a successful migration implementation plan. You can rely on the FluentPro team to ensure to Microsoft Planner migration is a success.

With the FluentPro team by your side, you can leverage Project Migrator and save about 90% of migration time. We will walk you through the entire process and help you automate your migration.


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