Microsoft Planner Migration between Office 365 Tenants

Microsoft Planner migration

Businesses with large and expanding project portfolios often require Microsoft Planner migration between Office 365 tenants. As a result of acquisitions or business mergers, organizations may need to undertake an Office 365 migration before or after the business deal.

As many organizations continue to lean towards a cloud-only business model, PPM administrators are more likely to encounter a tenant-to-tenant migration. Microsoft Planner migration between Office 365 tenants causes numerous challenges:

  • Manual migration takes much time and effort or can even stall the projects.
  • Manual migration requires additional resources, increases cost, and creates negative ROI.
  • It gives room to many human errors.
  • It complicates project management, makes project monitoring, updates, and status challenging to picture in real-time.
  • Moreover, by migrating manually, organizations can face data corruption and data loss.
  • Lastly, Planner migration requires the inputs of technical specialists. A crucial help many companies do not want to hire because of the additional cost they bring.

To solve these problems, many organizations have adopted MS Planner migration tool called “Project Migrator”.


How Project Migrator Eases Microsoft Planner Migration Challenges

Project Migrator is a unique Microsoft Planner migration tool designed by FluentPro. The software incorporates a user-friendly interface that assists companies in scoping vital information.

It includes an Object Mapping feature that allows mapping the data beforehand. This option helps to reduce disruption and confusion during and after migration.

The tool uses a click-select feature to choose all or just the needed data for migration. It eliminates the problem of what tenant data should go to another tenant environment.

From there, it launches the migration process, which is 80% faster and 100% accurate. The fully automated process with highly secured capabilities ensures that none of what is being migrated and shared breaks in the long run.


How to Migrate Easily Using Project Migrator Functionality 

Project Migrator is highly functional software. It enables companies to migrate data from one Project Planner to another Project Planner. Companies can also migrate data from one Office 365 tenant to another. It features a simple migration scenario that helps organizations to publish and share project plans with team members.

One unique functional aspect of Project Migrator is the accurate and straightforward migration. The software features a Data Mapping interface that helps users determine which information goes to a particular selected tenant. This built-in capability helps organizations streamline and customize the data they migrate.

Office 365 migration is more accessible with Project Migrator’s auto data migration. You do not need to spend weeks manually transferring data. This is especially important for businesses in terms of cost and ROI. Once PMO comes up with what to migrate, clicking the start button the migration process begins automatically. A migration summary window follows the swift migration process. With this, you can tell what progress is being made, whether successful or not. The included mapping capability also means you can move multiple or selected tenants. It comes in handy during a merger, acquisition, or when the business is expanding.


Benefits of Using Project Migrator for Office 365 Planner Migration

Project Migrator offers many values for businesses and organizations. For more than a decade, FluentPro has been providing innovative IT solutions for organizations in all industrial categories.

The company boasts over a thousand completed migrations and satisfied customers. With Project Migrator, FluentPro brings multiple values to companies in the following ways:

  1. Stress-free data migration that supports the organization’s project portfolio priority.
  2. Automated Planner migration saves time and allows teams to focus on essential tasks.
  3. Boost the company’s ROI by minimizing transition time and cost.
  4. Enable teams to collaborate and work on published project plans efficiently.
  5. In-built data security capabilities further safeguard the company’s sensitive data. It includes unauthorized access during an in-app Office 365 tenant migration.

Explore FluentPro Incredible Planner Migration Technical Expertise

Microsoft Planner Migration has some technicalities that call for technical expertise. At FluentPro, our customer success team comprises highly qualified consultants.

  • We will assist you in setting up a detailed plan of what you already have and what is needed.
  • We will help you sort out the data storage point, the hierarchy, and the data before migration.
  • We also help to identify and resolve potential challenges to guarantee a successful tenant-to-tenant migration.


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