How can you best migrate your teams from Trello to Planner?

Project managers have used project management software for years to plan and coordinate work with teams. Anytime the migration of project management software comes up, there is a significant deal of doubt. Even IT administrators are uncertain about switching from one project management tool to another, such as Trello to Planner. Organizations rely on Trello as a top-notch project management solution to keep tabs on various projects and effectively manage their teams.


Reasons for Cloud Migration

It is not unusual to look for an integrated single project management system when two businesses (organizations) merge or acquire one another. As a result, companies must transition between project management software. In addition, as firms grow, needs grow, and companies often require more sophisticated project management tools.

Trello and Microsoft Planner are similar. Your end-users will not find any issue coping with the changes, given that both tools look similar and possess almost the same functionalities. Adding to the convenience, Microsoft Planner is fully compatible with Office 365.


Cloud Migration Challenges

Migration from Trello is not straightforward since businesses have several challenges to overcome. The main obstacles in cloud migration include:

  • how to export Trello
  • address data loss, redundancy, transformation, and correction issues
  • account for possible human errors
  • only manual export and import available
  • lengthy debugging / data quality check
  • significant amount of time is required

The Trello Export feature can be used, but the difficulties will persist. Since there are no standard options for transferring Trello Boards, the question of how to migrate them frequently goes unanswered in such migrations.

As a project manager, you shouldn’t waste time on manual migration and operational challenges. Instead, to maximize productivity, you should find  a completely functional system with all the essential data in a relatively short amount of time. A few options are available when you migrate Trello to Microsoft Planner.


migrate trello


Project Migrator to migrate Trello

In terms of cloud migration, FluentPro Project Migrator is an excellent choice to migrate from Trello to Microsoft Planner automatically. Project Migrator helps companies migrate projects between many popular project management tools. It is a fully automated, easy-to-use, cloud-based, and lightning-fast product that supports multiple migration scenarios, including complete or partial migration. It also supports team migration efforts so they can quickly transfer data from Trello to Microsoft Planner.


Migration strategy

These steps must be followed to ensure a successful migration process:


Step 1: Establish a connection between the Trello environment that serves as the source and the Microsoft Planner environment that serves as the target

During this 1st step of the migration stage, you establish a link between the source Trello environment and the target Microsoft Planner environment.

Step 2: Select the source data

This is essential in selecting Trello data that you want to migrate to Microsoft Planner. Project Migrator allows you to select all the data at once or only specific boards, workspaces, etc.

Step 3: Object mapping

At this step, Project Migrator provides a user-friendly data mapping interface. This mapping interface enables inspection and modification of the data to be migrated from Trello to Planner.

Step 4: Commencement of the migration procedure


FluentPro Project Migrator provides fully automated Trello to Microsoft Planner migration. It reduces any errors and risks related to data loss.


Benefits of using Project Migrator to migrate Trello

Project Migrator can quickly solve the key cloud data migration concerns by providing quick, automated, error-free migration with no data loss.

In addition, it can assist in developing a simple data mapping that is less complicated and helps make the most of the benefits of Microsoft Planner.

Using Project Migrator also add more value to your business.


  • With complete automation, Project Migrator saves 90% of the time spent on project migrations
  • Reduces the expense of migration by up to 90%
  • Ensures that all project data and related documents are not lost during migration
  • Provides flexibility, which enables project managers to migrate at any time
  • Enjoy high security as it runs on the cloud

To save project managers time and money, Project Migrator automates project data migration from several cloud platforms, including Trello migration to Microsoft Planner platform. You can spend less time and effort using this tool. Prioritizing the internal rollout of new software can help PMs make better use of their time. This guarantees a more substantial return on project management migration investments and saves money and time (ROI).



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