4 Simple Steps for Smartsheet Migration to Microsoft Project for the Web

A successful business must keep pace with the dynamic marketplace to tap new opportunities and be agile in business activities. Project management is a core aspect of a company and one that needs detailed attention to deliver projects successfully and on time. Project management tools allow organizations to govern projects while aligning with business goals. Organizations rely on Smartsheet as a top-notch project management solution to manage their various projects. It coordinates with the team, assigning tasks while tracking accountability, controlling costs, and allocating resources to deliver on-schedule high-impact results.


Smartsheet is an ideal solution for medium-complexity projects. Companies often demand more advanced project management solutions as they grow, so they must look elsewhere if Smartsheet doesn’t provide the needed features. Regarding project management, many businesses prefer Microsoft Project for the Web’s more comprehensive capabilities over Smartsheet’s project management features.


Smartsheet and Microsoft Project for the Web migration challenges

Successful Smartsheet to MS Project for the Web migration requires meticulous planning and preparation, including carefully considering both technical and business objectives.


Organizations often face challenges when trying to migrate data from Smartsheet:


  • Data loss caused by human errors
  • Data redundancy
  • Data transformation
  • Changes in project structures after migration
  • Incorrect task assignment
  • Different manual import and export scenarios, such as manually importing Smartsheet into MS Project for the Web and manually exporting Smartsheet to MS Project for the Web
  • Long debugging
  • Data correction


The challenges are numerous and can lead to significant damage to organizations. To avoid them, organizations need to automate migration between project management platforms.


FluentPro Project Migrator

Project Migrator is an effective cloud-based solution for migrating Smartsheet to Microsoft Project for the Web. It allows you to move special projects or all data from Smartsheet to Project for the Web efficiently and is designed exclusively for cloud data transfer.


Smartsheet migration


Smartsheet migration using Project Migrator

Project Migrator makes migration simple. Follow these steps to configure and migrate Smartsheet to Project for the Web successfully.


Step 1: Connect to source and target systems. Establish a connection between the source environment (Smartsheet) and the target environment (Project for the Web).

Step 2: Select source data. Project Migrator allows you to select all data at once or select only the needed items.

Step 3: Object mapping. Object mapping is when you choose which data from the source system goes to which fields in the target system. Project Migrator provides a user-friendly, data-mapping interface to review and edit which data migrates from Smartsheet to Project for the Web.

Step 4: Begin the migration procedure.


Realize the benefits of Project Migrator

Project Migrator easily handles the major cloud data migration issues by allowing you to undertake migration that is:


  • Completely automated with no data loss;
  • Quick;
  • Error-free.

Project Migrator helps customers create more straightforward data mapping and utilize the benefits of Microsoft Project for the Web.


This cloud solution simplifies project data conversion from various cloud platforms, including migration to Microsoft Project, saving project managers time and money. Adopting new software within an organization allows a project manager to use their time more effectively and offers a more substantial return on project management migration investments (ROI). Project Migrator also addresses data mapping and transformation.


Project Migrator offers organizations immense benefits. Use Project Migrator to:


  • Reduce risks associated with human error or data loss.
  • Eliminate all manual work with complete process automation.
  • Fully transfer all project data, including content, configuration, projects, and resources.
  • Reduce migration time from weeks to days.
  • Keep your data secure. All data is stored in Microsoft Azure.
  • Enhance flexibility, as migration can be run from the web or Microsoft Teams.



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