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What is Trello? Trello is an easy-to-use project management and team collaboration tool. The critical aspect that sets Trello apart from competitors is its Kanban board feature.   What is
  Elena Humeniuk    December 20, 2021    Comments Off on Trello Alternatives alternatives
Project managers in every organization take pride in managing and budgeting resources and how effectively their team collaborates. They orchestrate these tasks with the aid of project management software such
  Elena Humeniuk    December 7, 2021    Comments Off on Best Alternatives vs Microsoft Planner
Applications and software that help plan tasks, list-making, and collaboration are essential to effective project management. Gone are the days when most of the planning is done manually or in
  Elena Humeniuk    December 7, 2021    Comments Off on vs. Microsoft Planner
Asana vs Microsoft Planner
Many popular products in the market today offer intuitive project management and collaboration functions to facilitate firms to execute and monitor projects smoothly. As project managers, you spend a lot
  Elena Humeniuk    December 7, 2021    Comments Off on Asana vs. Microsoft Planner
asana alternatives
As a project manager, you understand the complexities of managing multiple projects and portfolios. It would help if you had efficient collaboration tools to streamline workflow management. The ideal solution
  Elena Humeniuk    December 7, 2021    Comments Off on Top 5 Asana Alternatives
Asana alternatives
Project management requires efficient tools for managing workflow, expenditure, time spent on tasks, and teams. If you use Asana project management software, consider switching to Microsoft Planner. Why? This Microsoft
  Elena Humeniuk    December 7, 2021    Comments Off on Why You Should Consider Asana Alternatives
migrate asana
Project managers using Asana project management software often face multiple limitations. If Asana doesn’t meet your organization’s PPM needs, consider migrating to Microsoft Planner. So, how do you execute an
  Elena Humeniuk    December 7, 2021    Comments Off on Migrate Asana to Microsoft Planner in 4 Simple Steps
Microsoft Project for the Web vs Planner
“Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning.” ~ Winston Churchill   In project management, clearly defining and setting the goal one hopes to achieve is a concept shared
  Elena Humeniuk    November 16, 2021    Comments Off on Microsoft Planner vs. Project for the Web
Trello vs. Microsoft 365 Planner
The world of collaboration and project management is complex at best and confusing at worst. That is where tools like Trello and Microsoft Planner come in handy. Trello has established
  Elena Humeniuk    October 18, 2021    Comments Off on Trello vs. Microsoft 365 Planner
migration from Project Online
Project management is evolving, as is the technology for managing projects and portfolios. With the introduction of Microsoft Project for the Web, project managers are finding they prefer this solution
  Elena Humeniuk    October 8, 2021    Comments Off on Migration from Project Online to Project for the Web