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office 365 planner migration
Organizations often employ multiple project management software to maximize efficiency, especially when handling large project portfolios. Microsoft Planner and Project for the Web are examples of portfolio management tools that
  Valeriia Sitolenko    September 13, 2023    Comments Off on How to Migrate Office 365 Planner to Project for the Web
tenant to tenant migration Dynamics 365
Dynamics 365 Project Operations (aka Microsoft Project Operations) is a cutting-edge system for managing projects that integrate with other parts of a company’s operations, such as sales and invoicing. The
  Valeriia Sitolenko    June 30, 2023    Comments Off on 4 Steps for tenant to tenant migration Dynamics 365 Project Operations
Project Online vs Project for the Web
Businesses in all industries understand the importance of providing their teams with resources to improve productivity and workflow. They also increasingly recognize that these groups require more than just list
  Valeriia Sitolenko    April 14, 2023    Comments Off on Should I Use Project for the Web or Project Online?
project roadmap
Project Management Roadmap  A project roadmap, often presented as a timeline, is a visual reference outlining the project’s objectives and outputs at a high level. It is helpful for quickly
  Valeriia Sitolenko    April 3, 2023    Comments Off on How to create a successful project roadmap 2023
Project Data Migration
What is Project Data Migration?  Project Data migration is transferring data from one project management platform to another. It also involves data preparation, extraction, and transformation. Migrations usually occur when
  Valeriia Sitolenko    February 23, 2023    Comments Off on Project Data Migration Strategy for Small and Medium Businesses
Microsoft Planner Best Practices
Microsoft offers a lightweight work management application called Microsoft Planner as part of Office 365. Microsoft Planner is a simple tool that organizes teamwork visually and is built on groups
  Valeriia Sitolenko    February 15, 2023    Comments Off on Microsoft Planner Best Practices
Microsoft Project, a popular project management software, is a robust and reliable option for experienced project teams. Although the software has a steep learning curve compared to other solutions, it
  Elena Humeniuk    December 19, 2022    Comments Off on Microsoft Project Management Software Review
collaboration software
What are Collaboration Tools? The goal of collaboration software is to improve the efficiency of team efforts by offering a single location where all team members may freely exchange ideas,
  Elena Humeniuk    December 14, 2022    Comments Off on Why you need a collaboration software
Dynamics 365 migration
Project managers and IT professionals have used project management software for decades to plan and coordinate work with teams. Unfortunately, outdated project management systems prevent organizations from achieving their objectives.
  Elena Humeniuk    November 29, 2022    Comments Off on Create a data migration strategy for Dynamics 365 solutions
Customer satisfaction is key to the success of project operations and management firms. Each customer’s needs must be met to ensure complete satisfaction. Clients expect full transparency, minimal costs, and
  Elena Humeniuk    October 12, 2022    Comments Off on What is Dynamics 365 Project Operations?