Trello Migration Software

Choose Your Planner Migration Scenario:
Planner to Trello

Migrate Microsoft Planner data to Trello, enjoy an easy and safe data transfer of all your projects, tasks and other data

Group-127-1 to Trello

Migrate your projects and tasks from to Trello and take your project management to a new level

Asana to Trello

Considering a switch from Asana to Trello? Migrate easily between these two systems in one day!

Smartsheet to Trello

Migrate all your Smartsheet tasks, projects, and other data to Trello and start managing your projects more effectively.

How it works

Migrate your current project management system to Trello in one day with Project Migrator—a risk-free solution that requires no technical skills. Just map the fields between two systems and migrate all the needed data automatically.

Map the fields that need to be migrated

Project Migrator’s user-friendly, built-in data mapping interface allows you to manage which data goes to what fields in Trello. You can exclude some fields from transfer if you no longer need the data in them.

Migrate data to custom fields

You can migrate certain project data to custom fields in Trello for maximum flexibility.

Robust user mapping

Project Migrator supports user mapping, so you can migrate project records associated with the corresponding users as you migrate to Trello.

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Migration in one day is possible with PPM Migrator, since it saves up to 80% of the time you would spend on a manual migration.


PPM Migrator eliminates almost all manual operations during the migration process. 


We support the latest data security standards and take data safety very seriously. 

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If you need to migrate from other project management platform to Trello and are looking to do it faster, Project Migrator is the solution you need. Contact us for a free consultation on your migration scenario, as well as on PPM implementation and adoption.